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Mini Stars

Welcome to Mini Stars.

Designed with our youngest children in mind. You will find a range of directly accessed furniture and outdoor play equipment which encourages crawling, and first aided steps. (Please see our "Toddling wall").

Toys are engaging and are in a range of man-made and natural materials, giving children opportunities to discover their surroundings. Short local trips out of the nursery encourage discovery of the world.

Health and hygiene starts in Mini Stars with hand washing before and after meals, and tooth brushing starts here by way of the "Brush Bus".

Baby activities - nursery bolton
"I see me" mirror play
Babies reading den - nursery bolton
Reading den
Babies reading den - nursery bolton
Role play area
Babies room - nursery bolton
"The Brush Bus"

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Little Stars

This is our very active toddlers room - "proficient" toddling only!

Here we have cosy areas, carpet areas, and for our budding artists a really messy creative area. Role play is encouraged; sand, water, and even baked bean play are to be explored.

Access to our wonderful outdoor play equipment is via a ramp and this leads on to our huge garden, where there is a completely new list of activities and opportunities, including mud and gravel play and a construction site.

In summer months picnic lunches are served and some indoor activities take place outside.

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes!"

Construction role play area
Toddlers dining area
"Carpet time" - Cosy area
Role play
Babies room - nursery bolton
"The Brush Bus"

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Wizz Kids

This room is dedicated to our rising 3 year olds.

Here we have designated quiet, cosy, reading and creative areas. Toys are selected to encourage language and mathematical skills, and come in a range of natural and man-made materials.

Access to our wonderful outside play area is a short walk and beyond the slides and climbing frame lies a world of stepping stones, mud kitchens and den building.

Children are also encouraged to go for short walks in the locality to explore the world around us, and to keep up the good work of the "Brush Bus".

Dining area - Breakfast and snacks
Construction role play area
Construction role play area - 3 year old nursery
Music time
Role play
Maths Station
Babies room - nursery bolton
"The Brush Bus"

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This room is full of learning opportunities. Staff engage with children, concentrating on language and mathematical skills. A cosy reading corner, den building, music and dedicated creative room are all easily accessible.

Children eat lunch in our dining room and of course we continue our message of personal hygiene with hand washing and our "Brush Bus".

Local outdoor trips are planned and we organise lots of activities in our fabulous gardens in all types of weather (waterproofs provided). Swimming and dance classes can be arranged*

Some children choose a simple uniform in preparation for "big school", but this is optional.

*Depending on participating numbers.

IT Corner
Interest session
Indoor Reading Den
Writing area
Role Play
Pre School Creative Room
People who help us
Mark making area
Toilet facilities
Babies room - nursery bolton
"The Brush Bus"

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Holiday Club

Our holiday club is full of fun learning opportunities and catered for children from reception age to 9 years old.

Lots of outdoor trips are planned to keep the children active and busy in the school holidays (additional charges will vary)

Children eat within the nursery dinning room and have a set menu catered for by our nursery cook

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Dining Area

Hocus Pocus designs its menus according to government guidelines. Our two full time cooks cater for most dietary requirements, including vegetarian, halal only and allergies. If your child has special requirements or allergies, let us know and we will, where possible cater for them.

Menus operate on a rotating basis and daily menus can be found on the notice board by the main entrance. We are proud to have received the Bolton Early Years Healthy Award and have had a Food Hygiene rating of "5" for five years.

dining area - nursery bolton
Nursery Dining Area

For a comprehensive breakdown of our food policy, click on the food policy link below:

Hocus Pocus Day Nursery Bolton Food Policy

Sample Food Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast 20% of daily inatake Choice of Weetabix, Rice Crispies, cornflakes and fruit with full fat milk Choice of Weetabix, Rice Crispies, cornflakes and fruit with full fat milk Choice of Weetabix, Rice Crispies, cornflakes and fruit with full fat milk Choice of Weetabix, Rice Crispies, cornflakes and fruit with full fat milk Choice of Weetabix, Rice Crispies, cornflakes and fruit with full fat milk
Early morning snack 10% of daily intake Toasted muffin & cream cheese Whole meal toast & fruit compote Fruit bread Whole meal toast & banana Toasted crumpet
Lunch 30% of daily intake Jambalaya Home made fish pie with seasonal vegetables Vegetable & chickpea curry Plate meat pie with seasonal vegetables Fish, oven chips and peas
Vegetarian Vegetable mince jambalaya
Dessert Natural yoghurt and fresh fruit on the side Chinese fruit salad Crunch apple bake Peaches & cream Fruity Friday
Afternoon snack 10% of daily intake Beetroot dip with carrots batons and breadsticks Avocado dip with tortilla strips & pepper Taramasalata with crackers and cucumber batons Egg mayonaise with whole meal bread strips Cooks own dip of the week. Meets with EBSB guidelines*
Tea 20% of daily intake Cheesy beans on toast Curried carrot and butterbean soup Assorted sandwiches with fresh salad Fruity cocucous & chickpeas Smiley face pizza and beans
Dessert Homemade chocolate muffin Banana flapjack & yoghurt dip Ginger cookie and fresh melon Home made carrot cake Oat cookie and ice cream

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Play Areas

Indoor Play Area

Hocus Pocus is fortunate to have a large indoor soft play area. This room, is possibly the noisiest in the building, usually filled with giggles and shrieks of delight, and not just on rainy days! It also comes complete with fairy lights and other sensory delights.

play area - bolton nursery
Indoor Play Area

Outdoor Play Areas

Here at Hocus Pocus we can boast a huge outdoor play area which is split into three sections.

Tiny Tots Play

This is designed for the use of our youngest children to avoid bumps from the larger ones. It has a grassed area, sand pit and paved area for push, pull toys.

Shaded Den
Jurassic Garden
Music Board
Sand and Woodchip Play

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Little Tykes Play

This keeps our most active of children busy, with our Little Tykes play kit, which has "race" slides, a corkscrew slide, a fireman's pole and stepping stones. Giant animal jigsaws and noughts and crosses can be found here too.

Tot Tree
Finger Maze
Litle Tykes Slides

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Natural and Outdoor Play

Here we have a large grassy area that is used to its full potential at sports day (weather permitting). Natural play is promoted by way of a large mud and gravel play area. Natural stepping stones, bamboo glockenspiel, tin drums, den making and our "let's see what we can grow" area - from planter to table in 20 minutes.

We also utilise the garden where possible for pumpkin rolling at Halloween, a firework display on Bonfire Night and building snowmen at Christmas, although the latter has taken place in March on at least one occasion!

Construction area
Water Play
Water Play
Herb Garden
Outdoor Play
Mud Kitchen
Woodchip play
Bug Hotel
Quiet Bench
Balance Tyres
Den Building
Picinic Time
Music Line

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